A Simple Solution to a Major Problem...they simply save auto repair shops time & money.                                


Paul B. I could not believe how easy they were to use. I have been a mechanic for many years and this product makes my job easier and less stressful. I know longer worry about doing many of the jobs I use to dread.

Paul M. I became a mechanic after the first time I used these to help fix a car for my boss. I could not believe how straight forward and easy they were to use. I had worked in a junk yard and had towed vehicles but I was not a mechanic. I love this product I have used them in so many different ways.
Dave P. I was a customer of a local garage who refused to do my manifolds because of their condition. A dealer in the area gave me a price so high I thought about selling the truck. Another local garage had TOUGHNUTZ and they said they would do the work if they could video the repair. My Ford truck is the one on their website showing the repair of my manifolds. My truck became quite again. 

Matt H, I work at a repair garage where we received a Ford pickup that had a passenger side cracked manifold. I called and got TOUGHNUTZ that my boss said would make this an easy repair. I received them and they were so straight forward and easier to use than I could believe. I will use them every time I do one of these manifolds. Thank You to the designer of this product and for its ease of use.