A Simple Solution to a Major Problem...they simply save auto repair shops time & money.                                

TNZAbout Us

For over 17 years Catman TNZ has run auto repair facilities in western N.Y. near lake Ontario. Their success in the auto shop industry has been largely due to their philosophy of treating every repair price as if was their own. Many times the cost of a high repair bill was due to the labor involved with removing broken or rusted studs, nuts and bolts. The creative team at Catman TNZ worked to find innovative solutions to improve repair speed and procedures. The result from many years of research and development led Catman TNZ to a completely new approach to repairs that involve rusted parts. With the introduction of TOUGHNUTZ, Catman TNZ was able to do repairs faster, easier and less expensively. After seeing the success of Toughnutz™ in their own facilities, Catman TNZ setup a specialized manufacturing plant with new precision machining equipment to produce Toughnutz™ in quantities and to the specifications needed for the auto repair industry. Catman TNZ is now introducing Toughnutz™ to auto repair shops, dealerships and fleet operators on a global scale. In addition Catman TNZ is working on the development of other time-saving tools and products for the auto repair and other industrial markets. Look for more Catman products to be introduced shortly, or contact us for more information.