A Simple Solution to a Major Problem...they simply save auto repair shops time & money.                                


The following is a list of some applications that Toughnutz™ can be used for:

Cars & Trucks
  • Manifold studs
  • Y pipe studsTransmission cross members
  • Bell housing nuts
  • Carrier bearing mounts
  • Transmission cross members
  • Thermostat housing nuts
  • Some gas tank applications
  • Starter mounting bolts
  • Starter solenoid studs
  • Ground studs
  • Hood height adjustment bolts
  • Firewall box studs
  • Aluminum intakes
  • Master cylinder mounting bolts
  • Air filter element rods
  • Alternator stud extender
  • Some shock absorber mounts
  • Bumper connection to rear quarter panel

  • Mirror mounts
  • Side cover
  • Exhaust manifold to jug
  • Foot peg nuts
  • Exhaust pipe holder
  • Shock absorber nuts
  • Fork bolts
  • Front fork axle bolts
  • Front caliper bolts
  • Dash mounting bolts
  • Rear axle mounting bolts
  • Starter stud extender

  • Flat roof drain bolts
  • Toilet bolts
  • Furnace bolts
  • Ice machines
  • Roof air conditioner bolts


Farm Equipment
  • Manifold stud
  • Turbo bolts

Toughnutz Tool Applications

TNZ 1 - Air filter element rods, solenoid wire attachment to starters.

TNZ 2 - Alternator adjustment bolts, starter belt housing bolts and ground wires Astro van exhaust flange, Dodge alt bolt, starter bolt on. trans, Buick Roadmaster

             Cadillac, Camaros, Ford [91 to 94], Jeep [91 to 99], Dodge trucks 90 to 04, Chevy trucks [1985 to 2005].

TNZ 3 - Used for TNZ 4 applications where the area is very tight such as passenger side motor mounts for manifold.

TNZ 4 - Most versatile Toughnutz used on most vehicles from the manifold to the gas tank strap and starter mounting bolts.

TNZ 5 - Camry flex pipe, Infinity, Cadillac, Chevy [12 models/12 engines 87 to 05] Chevy trucks [20 models/87 to 05], Ford trucks [90 to 2003 11 models/6 engines].

TNZ 6 - Toyota [25 models/10 engines 86 to 04], Camry catalitic converter, Acura [20 mods 11 engines 86 to 03 exhaust flange]
Buick [12 models 86 to 2004], Olds [15 models/9 engines 86 to 03].

TNZ 7 - Camry exhaust mounting bolts.

TNZ 8 - Used for TNZ 4 applications where a longer barrel is required.

TNZ 9 - Most versatile weldable stud extender to be used with threaded rod to repair Y pipes and any other repairs where there is only a small bit of the stud left.

TNZ 10 - Starter selinoid wire attachments.

TNZ 11 - Gas tank threaded rod and other threaded rod attachments.

TNZ 12 - Used on Chevrolet starters.

TNZ 13 - Ground studs for Ford pickups, some hood height adjustments.

TNZ 14 - Any 8mm 1.0 pitch threaded rod attachment, many makes and models Chevy trucks, GMC, Pontiac, Buick, Chevrolets

TNZ 15 - For use on Ford Focus, Mitsubishi Mirage, Toyota, and Chevy 3.1.

TNZ 16 - 2002 power stroke Ford diesel starter, Ford master cylinder mounting bolts.

TNZ 17 - Toyota Y pipes and manifolds.

TNZ 18 - Used where TNZ 4 applications call for a thinner barrel wall is needed.

TNZ 19 - Needed for many foreign truck procedures.

TNZ 20 - Used to secure Ford coil packs where bolt has snapped.

TNZ 22 - Used to secure coil packs on Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Chrysler, and some Trackers where the bolt has snapped.

TNZ 50 - 7/16" drill bit to be used to enlarge holes in cast iron and ca st aluminum.

TNZ 51 - 1/2" drill bit to be used same as 7/16" drill bit, use cutting oil on both.

TNZ 221 - Used to clean up the end of a stud so the Toughnutz will fit smoothly.

TNZCGJT - Tool used to clean up a hole after enlargement, clean calipers of rust, clean slider pins after removing rubber, cleans holes for bearings of rust and many other uses.


Made in the U.S.A.