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Ford V-8 Truck Kit

Ford V-8 Kit

This kit specifically for Ford Trucks, containing all components need to do all studs on both exhaust manifolds.


Ford Manifolds

The benefit of using TOUGHNUTZ’s is the time savings and reducing the chance of damage being done when changing car and truck manifolds.  Also any part that needs to be removed and/or replaced that is held with a bolt or stud. The removal of the corroded nuts and studs holding our parts is time consuming. Our product TOUGHNUTZ makes these repairs much easier to do and cuts the time from many hours to minutes on most repairs. Our nut uses the threads that are not exposed to the outside conditions under the part to be remove

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Item Item # Price  
TOUGHNUTZ™ Ford V-8 Kit TNZFRDKIT $99.95 Order Now

TOUGHNUTZ™ Ford V8 Truck Kit TNZFRDKIT includes:

Part # Description Quantity
TNZ4 8mm 1.25 large head shoulder nut 14
TNZ3 8mm 1.25 small head shoulder nut 2
TNZ9 3/8” 16 sleeve stud extender 4
TNZ50 7/16” drill for cast iron 1
TNZ221 Small stud chamfering tool 1
TNZFC Ford Kit Case with Lid 1


Made in the U.S.A.