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Ford V-8 Truck Kit

Ford V-8 KitThis kit specifically for Ford Trucks, containing all components need to do all studs on both exhaust manifolds.

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Item Item # Price  
TOUGHNUTZ™ Ford V-8 Kit TNZFRDKIT $99.95 Order Now

TOUGHNUTZ™ Ford V8 Truck Kit TNZFRDKIT includes:

Part # Description Quantity
TNZ4 8mm 1.25 large head shoulder nut 14
TNZ3 8mm 1.25 small head shoulder nut 2
TNZ9 3/8” 16 sleeve stud extender 4
TNZ50 7/16” drill for cast iron 1
TNZ221 Small stud chamfering tool 1
TNZFC Ford Kit Case with Lid 1


Made in the U.S.A.