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Heater Hose Tools

For GM & Ford Heater Hose Connectors
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Heater hose connecterThe Simple Design Of The Fastener Is The Problem!

There are many factory and after market heater hose tools in today's market. The problem with these tools is that they are often too thin and don't completely fill the void in the connector. Often times, the tool will get stuck in place instead of releasing the fastener. Instead of replacing the hose, the technician would end up having to replace his tool!

Heater hose tool

Something Had To Be Done!

We currently have a new tool for both GM and Ford heater hose connectors (the most prevalent connectors in today's market). This tool is designed to completely fill the void in the connector to release the fastener. There is also a 40 degree offset designed to help you work around obstructions in tight spaces (very important in vans and pickup trucks where space is tight). This 40 degree offset works better than the addition of a handle, as some tools have tried, because the handle will complicate removal, especially in the tight spaces.

Ford Hose Tool
GM Hose Tool

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TNZ240 Ford Heater Hose Tool 1 $12.95 Order Now
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TNZHEAT Ford & GM Heater Hose Tool Kit 2 (1 each) $19.95 Order Now


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