A Simple Solution to a Major Problem...they simply save auto repair shops time & money.                                

Specialty Burst   A Simple Solution to A Major Problem

TOUGHNUTZ™ is a revolutionary auto repair product that allows you to replace coroded cylinder head fasteners without the need to to drill out and retap the stud!

The benefit of using TOUGHNUTZ’s is the time savings and reducing the chance of damage being done when changing car and truck manifolds.  Also any part that needs to be removed and/or replaced that is held with a bolt or stud. The removal of the corroded nuts and studs holding our parts is time consuming. Our product TOUGHNUTZ makes these repairs much easier to do and cuts the time from many hours to minutes on most repairs. Our nut uses the threads that are not exposed to the outside conditions under the part to be remove


Toughnutz BeforeA Major Problem...

• The combination of dissimilar metals causes excessive corrosion. The nuts have decayed and the studs are frozen in the head. Nuts and studs cannot be removed.

The combination of aluminum cylinder heads, steel studs and cast iron manifolds causes excessive corrosion. Studs and nuts are often so corroded they cannot be removed. The traditional solution was to try and remove the fastener, which often resulted in breaking the stud, drilling out and re-taping the cylinder head, and using new studs. This can be a very long and expensive process, often taking longer than planned and sometimes results in replacing the cylinder head.

A Simple Solution...

Toughnutz After• Torch or cut off the nuts, flush with the manifold, and replace with TOUGHNUTZ™.

With TOUGHNUTZ™ the same job can be done quickly and predictably. Torch or cut off the studs flush with the manifolds surface, with TOUGHNUTZ™ you can now use the existing studs without having to drill or re-tap the holes. Only the tops of the studs were corroded, the part of the stud in the manifold (not exposed to air) remains clean and strong. TOUGHNUTZ™ allows you to attach to the existing “Healthy” stud, making a quality affordable repair.

See a TOUGHNUTZ™ repair in action on our Watch Video page.