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Knocker Tool


Protect Your Valuable Socket Wrench & Extensions!
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Toughnuts Knocker ToolUsing your socket extensions to hammer on bolts can reduce the life of your tools and is a potential safety hazard. The Procraft™ Knocker Tool prevents misuse of sockets and extensions by giving you a hard surface to hit with hammer and a hard end piece to use instead of the actual socket. The Knocker Tool is uniquely designed to fit any 3/8" or 1/2" socket/extension and provides many features and benefits.

Hub Tool

Can Also Be Used As A Handheld Socket Tool

Use the Knocker Tool as a hand held socket wrench - works great for tight places.

  • Brass End Cap Provides Shock Absorbing Hitting Surface
  • Use with Any Length Extension
  • 3-Piece Handle Separates to Expose Different Size Adapters
  • Tool Protects Top of Extensions from Damage
  • End Attachments Protect Extension Bottom and Sockets
  • Won't Spark - Improves Workplace Safety
  • Won't Chip or Cause Damage to Extension or Sockets
  • 1-Year Warranty

30" Extension - Shown with TNZ252

30" extension

18" Extension - Shown with TNZ251

18" extension


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Knocker Tool Kit
Knocker Tool Kit
Includes the following:
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Part # Description Quantity Included  
KT01A 3/8" Tool Attachment 1 Yes  
KT01B 1/2" Tool Attachment 1 Yes  
KT01C 3/8" End Attachment 1 Yes  
KT01D 1/2" End Attachment 1 Yes  
TNZ206 Brass Impact Cap 1 Yes  
KT01F Hard Plastic Case 1 Yes  

Extensions (not in kit)

Part # Description Quantity Price PO
TNZ251 18" Extension 1 60.17 Order Now
TNZ252 30" Extension 1 71.10 Order Now
TNZ206 Brass Impact Cap 1 16.95 Order Now


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