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Super Duty Hub Tool


The Super Time Saver For Truck Ball Joint Repair

Toughnutz™ Super Duty Hub Tool makes it easy to get the front Hub Assembly and Propeller shaft off, to get to the Ball Joints.

Hub Tool Problem


Actually the ball joints are not hard to change, once you get to them. The manufacturer claims the wheel bearing is a slip fit. This may be the case when the truck is new, but not once its been in the mud or has any miles on it. The outer bearing race becomes frozen in the spindle. Most attempts to pull it out, from the wheel side, results in the bearing blowing apart. This not only doubles the cost of the repair, it locks down that bay while you struggle to get the outer race out. You then must ship the hub out to have the new bearing pressed on!

Hub Tool Answer

What's The Answer? We've Got The Perfect One!

The answer is to drive them out from the back! There are 4- 1/2” studs holding the assembly into the spindle. You simply remove these 4 retaining nuts, and drive it out! Well its not quite that simple.... Many people have tried this using the nuts themselves. The problem is this rolls over the threads in both the nut and the stud. We have developed a tool that solves this problem. It is threaded for the stud, but is only 3/8” deep. This bottoms out on the stud, allowing you to have direct driving force on the stud, not the threads!


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